Friday, April 1, 2011 Retreat: Colorado

I recently had a “lightbulb” moment (and those always make the people surrounding me panic) and realized that what I am looking for in a “widow event” is the ability to truly connect with a smaller group of people, while also getting a relaxing weekend away.  So in an act of complete selfishness, I started working on doing just that and I’m hoping that it’s something that a few of you might be interested in attending with me.  So...

I’m very excited to announce that will be hosting a Widow(er)’s Retreat in beautiful Colorado the weekend of July 29-30, 2011.

The retreat this summer will be held at the Table Mountain Inn at the base of the Colorado Rockies and just two blocks away from beautiful Clear Creek in the historical town of Golden, CO.  I was very careful in my choice of venue because I wanted something cozy and inviting that would be located near shops and fun restaurants.  I also wanted a place that would give those people visiting from out of town the Colorado experience...without requiring that they drive for hours to get to our destination (for those of you flying in to Denver International Airport, you can also reserve shuttle service to and from the hotel for around $60 roundtrip).  This hotel fits our needs perfectly.

My goal for this retreat is for us to connect and relax.  This is not meant to be group “therapy” and I am not scheduling speakers.  The weekend will be all about you and providing you with an opportunity to gain strength from each other and take the friendships we have developed online a step further. 

The agenda for the weekend will have planned activities that will provide us with the opportunity to get to know each other and ourselves a little better.  Here is a general idea of how the weekend will go:

  • Optional, casual dinner on Friday night at the hotel so that those people who are coming in from out of town have plenty of time to join us.
  • Saturday will be a mix of activities that will allow us to get to know each other better...both our stories and where we are now.  In the afternoon we will have a Creativity/Writing Coach coming in to get us thinking a little outside of the box and provide us with non-grief related activities (and don’t panic if you’re not a writer...this is just a chance for you to explore the creativity you may not even know that you have!).  There will also be plenty of “free time” mixed in so that you can decide if you’d like to take a nap, go on a walk, grab coffee (or wine) with new friends, or go for that all-important pedicure.
  • Saturday evening will be a group dinner at one of Golden’s many amazing restaurants within walking distance of the hotel.  Who knows where the night will take us!
  • Sunday morning will be a quiet morning together which will include a simple hike or walk and an activity that will have us enjoying the outdoors and each other.

The cost to attend this weekend is $250 which includes the scheduled activities, breakfast for both mornings, snacks (had to budget for lots of chocolate), and some items we will provide for you that you’ll need for the weekend (which you will take home with you).  The cost for the hotel is $144/night (this is for a king or double queen room, so it is possible to share a room if you choose to).

I would like to keep our attendance to no more than 12 people.  In order to reserve your spot for the weekend, you can easily make a payment through Paypal or I can send you contact information so that you can pop a check in the mail.  Once I have confirmed your spot, I will send you the additional information you will need to make your reservation!

For those of you who live here in Colorado or those of you who have family or friends in the area, you are not required to stay at the hotel and may just join us for the scheduled activities.  If you are interested in the possibility of sharing a room with someone to cut down on costs, please let me know and I will put you in touch with others who are interested in the same.

I can’t tell you how excited I am at the possibility of meeting you all and getting to know you better.  I know there will be tears, I’m sure there will be laughs, and I hope there is my favorite...a little of both at the same time.  I want you to have a weekend where you can relax, take care of yourself, and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

I’m ready for (((HUGS))) to actually be followed by a hug!

To reserve your spot or if you have any questions regarding this retreat, please email me at

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© Catherine Tidd 2011


  1. To bad you aren't scheduling speakers, you know I can't shut my trap!! I'll see if I can make it dear heart would love to wrap you and our other wids in mighty hugs!

  2. That would be such a treat if you could come! I'm not scheduling speakers for the exact reason you just said: We're ALL speakers!!! HA HA. :>)

  3. I seriously want to come, too...I think I can work with this...I might come a day early to do a little sightseeing....long flight for 2 days!!!

  4. You should, Sue! Let me know if you need any suggestions on stuff to go see!