Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blogging for a Cure

Artwork by Lisa Brandel
As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and a new blog site, BlogNostics, is partnering with For Jen's Sake and hoping to make a contribution towards finding a cure.  But they can't do it without YOU.

From Oct. 1 through Oct.31, 2011, Writers, Poets, Photographers, Illustrators, Song Writers and Musicians are all welcome to join in raising awareness. BlogNostics is asking for donations in the amounts of $1, $5, $10, 25 or more to be donated when signing up for this event. All donations made will go to 1 of the following 5 organizations:

BlogNostics' goal is to raise $5000 towards finding a cure.

So how does it work?

Writers: Please write your real life story about you or a person you chose that has been afflicted with Breast Cancer and how it has changed your/their lives.

Poets:  Please write a poem about your personal plight or the plight of someone you chose who has been hit with Breast Cancer. You can even write about the disease itself.

Photographers and Illustrators:  Please tell us your visual story with photos or illustrations. Use a photo/photos or illustrations of the person that you feel tells the story of how their having Breast Cancer affected you. Feel free to use words if you so wish but your goal is to give us the visuals.

Song Writers & Musicians:  This is a great time to collaborate and bring us something wonderful to listen to. Song Writers who team up with Musicians can produce a YouTube video so we can all listen to and see.

IMPORTANT: All contest entries should include the date when the person was diagnosed, how they battled it, if they are still battling or are now in remission, how many times they have battled it, any organization that they went through for help, and if they died...the day their suffering ended.'s the exciting part.  What do you win?  Besides helping bring awareness to this deadly disease and helping us bring an end to it so that EVERYBODY wins, the prizes are as follows:

1st place winner gets to choose which organization the donation will go to. BlogNostics will issue a cheque to the chosen organization. name. Plus a 500 x 68 banner in which you will get to advertize your site for a month on BlogNostics.

2nd place winner gets to choose from any signed image in Lisa Brandel's (The Widow Lady) collection Art and The Human Condition. (National and International Shipping Free courtesy of Lisa Brandel). Plus a 210 x 200 ad space for a month on BlogNostics Side bar.

3rd place winner gets a 100 x 100 ad space on the side bar of BlogNostics and will be featured on our landing page as Blogger of the Month in November.

Should you have any questions regarding this fundraiser, please contact BlogNostics!  Best of luck to all of you amazing artists!

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